Head Track - Put your head in the game

Track IR is a sensor which detects the movements of your head and transform your head movements into movements in the game.

E.g. You look a little bit left the character in the game move look to left. You look up character in game looks up. You need only small head movements to see what happens on your left side in the game. It is a nice tool for shooter games, flight simulations and racing simulations.

Track IR 5

Manufacturer: Natural Point
Link of Product: http://www.naturalpoint.com/trackir/products/trackir5
Supported operating systems for PC: Windows 7,Vista,XP
Range 2 to 5 ft (61 cm to 152 cm)
Wireless: No (USB Cable)
List of supported games
Where to buy:

Build your own head movement sensor

Check the website http://www.free-track.net
List of compatible Webcam you need

Use only your webcam and your face as tracking device

Check the website: http://facetracknoir.sourceforge.net/home/default.htm

Fixes for Free Track

I am trying to test it but got not diference in compability. Let me know your experience. http://naturalpointofview.blogspot.pt/p/trackirfixer.html

Oculus Rift

Is a head mounted display with head track functionallity.

Oculos Rift is for me the most interesting Head Track equipment because behind this project stays John Carmack. The creator of the PC game "Doom". His objective is to create a head track equipment which is optimized also for shooter games. The problem of the previous Virtual Reality displays were you could not move your head fast without waiting for updated screen.
Supported operating systems for PC: Windows, Mac OS and Linux
Wireless: No
Where to buy:

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