List of Games for Light Guns for PC

The list is not complete I am working on it to keep it one day complete.

PC Games which work with light guns

Name of GameWorks withPreview
Reload - Target DownWindows 7
Crime Patrol 1*Windows 7 (only XP Mode),XP
Crime Patrol 2 - Drug Wars*Windows 7 (only XP Mode),XP
Ed Hunterworks fine with D3DWindower in Windows 7
Fast Draw ShowdownWindows XP
House of the Dead
House of the Dead 2Windows 7
House of the Dead 3Windows 7
Mag Dog McCree*Windows 7 (only XP mode ),XP
Mad Dog McCree 2 - The Lost Gold
Remington Super Slam Hunting AfricaWindows 7,XP
Space Pirates*Windows 7 (only XP mode), XP
Starsky & HutchWindows 7
The Last Bounty Hunter*Windows 7 (only XP mode), XP
Virtua Cop 2Windows 7
Who Shot Johnny Rock?*Windos 7 (only XP Mode), XP
* marked games have a equal problem in Windows 7. They switch videosequences and you die instantly. It seems there is a problem with DirectX or Video. I hope someone know the solution to solve this and sends me the answer.

MAME Emulator for PC

Name of GameWorks fine in MAME v0.146Preview
Area 51Yes
Area 51-Maximum ForceYes
Deer HuntingYes
Judge DreedYes
Lethal EnforcersYes
Lethal Enforcers 2Yes
Lethal JusticeYes
Lord of GunYes
Lucky & WildYes
Maximum ForceYes
Mechanical AttackYes
Mobile Suit Gundam Final ShootingYes
Steel GunnerYes
Steel Gunner 2Yes
Target HitsYes
Tickee TickatsYes
Time CrisisYes
Under FireYes
Wild PilotYes

Wii Games using Dolphin

Name Gameworks with Dolphintested with versionScreen shoot
Ghost SquadYesv3.092
Robin HoodYesv3.092
The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Yesv3.092
The House of the Dead - Overkill yesv3.092
Wild West GunsYesv3.092
Links Crossbow Training Yesv3.092
Western HeroesYesv3.092
Gunblade New York & LA MachinegunsYesv3.0-845
Reload - Target Down


  1. Thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for.

  2. You forgot Carnevil

  3. You should add the first three House of the Dead games!